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About CADDO Solutions

CADDO Solutions is a 100% American Indian owned and managed national office products company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Don Kelin, a member of the great Caddo Nation of Oklahoma and an "Indianpreneur" has built his company on the traditional values he learned as a child:
and reciprocity

CADDO Solutions is a first-tier national office product supplierstarted in1990 providing our customers with the best in workplace office products and ergonomics. We compete on three fronts: Price, Service and Technology.

Native American (Caddo Nation) and Veteran-ownedCADDO competes with 4 key disciplines, supplies, furniture, print and I.T. Hardware.  We team with global distribution partnersto maximize our inventory and buying power. Offering more than 25,000 office products with 24-48 hours distribution, we serve Federal, State and Local Government Agencies, Defense Contractors, Fortune 1000 Companies, Indian Nations and Tribally owned Casinos as well as other private sector businesses.

CADDO has also helped Federal Agencies and Government Contractors achieve their diversity goals by offering our GSA schedule to each agency and CADDO is recognized as an outstanding AbilityOne distributor to keep agencies in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).

CADDO does more than distribute office products - we offer 1-Solution ™, our complete, one step office solution approach that drives down both hard and soft costs while managing your business operations with ease.

CADDO's 1-Solution program partners with you to provide multiple cost-saving products and services for your company, and delivers everything from one source. Regardless of the number of orders you place for any of our products, our 1-Solution delivers everything with one sales representative, one invoice, one delivery and one payment check. This is the easiest way to get the most from your budget, and makes ordering, inventory management and distribution hassle free.

Ordering made easy with 1-Solution. By Phone, by Fax or Online, ordering with CADDO's 1-Solution is fast and easy. CADDO offers 24-48 hour delivery.

CADDO is confident that we are the right source for all your office supply needs. To prove that we can save your company or organization both time and money, we offer the no-cost, no-obligation 1-Solution Consultation. Using your own accounting information, we will review your company's product and procurement expenses and demonstrate how we can offer a significant savings over your current solution.